Meet the writers!

purple poppy

Warwick, Young and Maclean have penned the beautiful song ‘A Million Tears’ for the War Horse Memorial project.

The song is going to be performed live by the acclaimed International Soprano Christina Johnston at The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club on Saturday 28th July.   The performance will see a million purple poppy petals fall from the sky to signify the launch of the UK’s first national appeal to remember the service and sacrifice of horses, mules and donkeys during the First World War.

But who are Warwick, Young and Maclean?

Adrian Warwick is described as a musical poet, lyricist and melody writer.

Mark Young is an acclaimed pianist and melody writer.

Grahame Maclean is a Composer, classical musician and producer.

The 3 of them writing together, capture people’s hearts with thought provoking and powerful songs.