Ballads, Modern Country, Pop, Cross-over Classical, Sync Music, Film & Tv

Warwick and Young are published songwriters signed to Sentric Music Publishing Limited and North Star Music Publishing Limited.  “We love writing country music and ballads, we write about what we truly believe in, a hook, a melody and a story, then if people like it we are happy.”

Adrian and Mark write as Warwick & Young and occasionally co-write with other talented Song Writers, World renowned Composers.

 4 Consecutive single releases going straight to Number One

With a truly heartfelt, creative and adaptable style, they continue to write and compose across many genres, including country, ballads, contemporary pop, classical crossover as well as for films, TV and sync.

Prolific writers, Warwick & Young are described by many in the Industry as musical Poets and Storytellers.

Warwick & Young are extremely passionate in their approach to music and song writing, they use their life  experiences and observations to create and inspire thought provoking and heart felt lyrics, catchy melodies, strong memorable hooks and song.

“Life for everyone has its own unique journey.  We hope our songs resonate and relate to part or all of what people go through, in love, hurt, relationships, in chasing dreams and believing all is possible, giving the listener their chance to create their own vivid stories based on our songs.”

Warwick & Young

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Adrian Warwick is a creative and established song writer, lyricist, musician, singer, children’s story writer and poet.  Described as a “Modern day Byron” by Internationally acclaimed composer Olga Thomas.

He is a passionate and prolific song writer.  His clever use of heart felt story telling lyrics and melody allows him to write across many genres including country, pop, heart felt ballads and classical crossover.

His song writing takes you on a lyrical and melodic journey, taking inspiration from life experiences, emotions and aspirations.  Adrian also works with Mark on the arrangement of the songs Warwick & Young co-write.

Adrian has achieved 4 Consecutive Number Ones in The Classical I Tunes charts and chart successes in the UK I Tunes Country chart which includes writing as Warwick & Young, and writing with world renowned composer, Olga Thomas & also with prolific writer and musician, Grahame Maclean.  As a co-writer with Warwick & Young he has also achieved various Chart Success with other releases.

Adrian says, “To me it is simple, a guitar, a notebook, a pen, whether in a studio, sitting on the riverbank, in my writing hut looking out at the beauty of the natural world, that is my songwriting.”

His heartfelt lyrics, melodic verses and choruses take us on a journey, evoking memories and emotions. Songs to inspire, stay with us and to enjoy.



Mark Young is a talented established pianist and keyboard player, song writer and producer who now writes predominantly as part of Warwick & Young.

Having enjoyed a musical career which included 2 years performing in Nashville USA and touring with Suzi Quatro around the Asian Pacific and Australia, Mark is back in the UK.  On meeting up with Adrian Warwick over a decade ago they now love their time together writing songs as Warwick & Young.

Mark utilises his talent and skills to co-arrange songs alongside Adrian. He is also then responsible for the production of some of their songs,  where he cleverly weaves together instruments, voices, lyrics and melody to create stunning musical pieces across many genres.

He has achieved 2 Number One Singles with Warwick & Young & Maclean in the Classical charts and has had various chart successes with other releases as Warwick & Young.

Mark loves what he does and continues to co-write and produce as Warwick & Young. Mark passionately enjoys both the co-writing and production of the songs they work on as a team.